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8" White Battery Operated LED Paper Lanterns

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• Our LED Paper Lanterns are made of environmentally-friendly  semi-translucent rice paper and bamboo string that is fitted evenly  inside the lantern to a maintain circular shape when expanded

• Our LED Paper Lanterns are equipped with a handy metal insert to hang indoors and outdoors

• Our LED Paper Lanterns are battery operated and are extremely efficient and can stay lit up to 8 hours

• Our LED Paper Lanterns pair nicely with other items in our store, such as our Ribbed Paper Lanterns, Crisscross Paper Lanterns, and Star Paper Lanterns

• LED Paper Lanterns are also commonly referred to as Battery Operated LED Paper Lanterns, and GLO Paper Lanterns

Our LED Paper Lanterns come in a variety of brilliant colors and sizes. When lit, our Led Paper Lanterns will create an accent light or glow, that will surely bring to life the outfits, artwork, and overall theme of your next event. Simply insert two AAA batteries, turn on the LED Paper Lanterns, and leave them to last the duration of your wedding, anniversary party, or cocktail party. Also, use them as a permanent fixture to subtly illuminate the inside of your home, restaurant, and coffee shop.