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10 Assorted Color ECO Cylinder Sky Lanterns

$ 29.99 $ 26.99



This 10-Pack of ECO Cylinder Sky Lantern comes in random colors! Colors are selected at random & not all colors are guaranteed with purchase.

Cylinder Sky Lantern Dimensions: 30" (l) x 12"(w) x 12" (h)

Our Eco-Friendly Cylinder Sky Lanterns are made of 100% biodegradable and flame retardant rice paper and bamboo string

Our Eco-Friendly Cylinder Sky Lanterns come with an easy to light small fuel cell that is attached to the lantern center

Our Eco-Friendly Cylinder Sky Lanterns pair perfectly with other items in our store, such as our Eco-Friendly Eclipse Sky Lanterns, Eco-Friendly Diamond Sky Lanterns, and Eco-Friendly Heart Sky Lanterns

Eco-Friendly Cylinder Sky Lanterns are also commonly known as Flying Paper Lanterns, Chinese Sky Lanterns, Wishing Sky Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Sky Candles, and Fire Balloons

Using our premium Eco-Friendly Cylinder Shaped Sky Lantern can be a fun activity for you, your friends and family to do. They are more easy to use and assemble, gently unfold the Sky Lantern, light the fuel cell, release it, and see the Eco-Friendly Sky Lantern transform into the shape and image described above. Consider using them at your next Asian or Asian inspired festival, New Year celebration, or as way to honor and remember a loved one.

P.S. Don't forget to make a wish before you release them into the sky for extra good luck