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Baby Blue Criss Cross Paper Lanterns

$ 1.80



• Our Crisscross Paper Lanterns are made of 100% Biodegradable Rice Paper

• Our Crisscross Paper Lanterns are laced with 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Strings that are used to maintain the lantern’s shape when expanded

• Our Crisscross Paper Lanterns have a handy metal insert to hang indoors and outdoors

• Metal insert can also be used to hang light fixtures inside the Crisscross Paper Lantern – light fixtures are not included with purchase

• Our Crisscross Paper Lanterns will pair nicely with other items in our store, such as our Star Paper Lanterns, Silk Paper Lanterns, and Mini Heart Message Chalkboards

• Crisscross Paper Lanterns are also commonly referred to as Freeform Paper Lanterns, and Free-Style Ribbing Lanterns

The freeform ribbing makes our Crisscross Paper Lanterns an excellent addition, and alternative, to the Regular Ribbed Paper Lanterns. Our Crisscross Paper Lanterns’ design is festive and flashy which makes it a great accessory to include at your next event. Use a group of these lanterns to enhance your color themes at your next New Year’s party, cultural festival, or bridal shower. Also, use them as a permanent fixture in your arts and crafts store, bookstore, or hang them in different colors and sizes from your trees in your backyard.