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Red, White, and Blue Paper Lanterns With Stars (3 Pcs)

$ 18.00 $ 14.40



  • Our Red, White, and Blue Paper Lanterns with Stars come in packs of 3 Round Paper Lanterns
  • The 3 Round Paper Lanterns are 8”, 10”, and 12”
  • The Round Paper Lanterns are made of biodegradable bamboo paper and come with 3 appropriately sized metal inserts that expand and all you to hang the paper lanterns
  • Our Round Paper Lanterns pair nicely with our LED Paper Lanterns, Crisscross Paper Lanterns, and Tissue Poms
  • Round Paper Lanterns may also be called Lamp Shades, Chinese Lanterns, Japanese Lanterns, and Hanging Lanterns

This set of Red, White and Blue Paper Lanterns with Stars is perfect for any USA themed party or any event that celebrates our Nation or its heroes! These lanterns are perfect because they are inexpensive, but look great and are made of the finest quality bamboo paper. You can hang indoor and outdoor at your next BBQ, Labor Day, Memorial Day, or 4th Of July party.