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Sky Lantern Instructions

Sky Lantern Instructions:

1. Remove the sky lantern from its package and gently unfold the sky lantern one flap at a time.


2. If parts of the lantern are stuck together and cannot be pulled apart without causing damage, hold the base of the lantern with both hands and spin around so that wind enters the base of the lantern,  opening it from the inside.

Maneuver between pulling the item apart with your hands and the technique described above to expand the lantern.


3. Once expanded, use a long reach lighter to ignite the wax or fuel patch located in the center of the lantern. This will require a second set of hands. The patch may take several minutes to light.

If the lantern has a wax patch that not does catch fire, remove the wax patch from the center console and chip the wax evenly to reveal a fresh coat, and try to light again to achieve the desired result.  


4. Once the patch is lit, hold the sky lantern from the base and upper tip of the lantern until the lantern is fully expanded, which may take 90 seconds or more to do.


5. Once expanded, release the lantern into the sky. 


 Warning: Only adults should light the sky lantern. If children are near by, keep them a recommended distance of 25 ft. or more away from the point of lift off. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Do not light the sky lantern if there are unsuitable weather conditions like dry weather, wind, or rain, or if there are buildings or trees nearby that may impede the upward trajectory of the lantern. Do not hold the lantern longer than necessary for lift off.

Check local ordinances, city, county and state laws before lighting your sky lanterns as they may be prohibited in your area.

February 02, 2016 by Imran Keshwani
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