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Tissue Pom Poms - 7 Easy Steps


So you've ordered your Pom Poms for your next event and they just came in the mail but they look nothing like the pom poms you saw on your computer screen.. Don't worry! We'll show you how to make the strip of tissue paper that's in front of you look like the pom poms you thought you ordered in 7 easy steps!!


Unwrap the Lanterns and More Tissue Pom Poms

1. Unwrap the Tissue Pom Poms

Pretty easy so far..right?


2. Untie the String

Make sure it is completely untied and separated from the tissue paper strip


3. Retie the String

Make a knot so the string doesn't untie. Make sure one end of the string is long- you'll be hanging your pom poms from this end once it is complete


4. Unfold the Tissue

Start unfolding the tissue with the edges to the outside. You can pull all 4 ends towards each other (see picture)


5. Pull the Tissue Out

Now, carefully pull the strips of tissue paper away one by one. To make sure your pom pom looks even, alternate sides each time you pull the tissue.

**Tissue paper is extremely thin and can tear easily - If you do get a tear, don't worry - The tears are hard to see once the pom pom is complete **


6. Pull Some More!

Keep pulling!


7. Shape the Pom Pom!

Once you've pulled out every sheet of tissue paper, and the pom pom has become slightly oval, use your hands to gently create a more round shape.


You've successfully made your first pom pom! ENJOY!!

October 29, 2015 by shugofta khan
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